Infinity Eco Bulk Meter Class B

40mm – 600mm

40mm Infinity Eco dry dial Class B Woltmann WP water meter with epoxy coated cast iron body. The meter is 200mm long with fixed pulse output of 1 pulse per 100 litres. A reed switch is standard, and no additional reed switch is required. The meter is flanged drilled to Table 16 and complies fully with the requirements of the N.R.C.S. and with the requirements of SANS 1529-1: 2019 and Chapter 5 of the Legal Metrology Act 2014. (Act 9 of 2014). The Infinity Eco meter is tested and verified in South Africa in the Precision Meters S.A.N.A.S. Accredited Verification Laboratory and complies with the letter from NRCS issued for the sale of unapproved meters exempted from type approval. For this reason Precision Meters can issue SANAS verification certificates for these meters.

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