Precision Meters manufactures quality water meters and offers cutting-edge solutions to government, businesses, and individuals.

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Value is at the centre
of everything we do

14 Years Experience

19 years experience

Longstanding supplier of specialised solutions
Accredited By SANAS

NRCS approved products

Our water meters meet SANS standards
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SANAS Accredited Verification Laboratory

Operated by certified Water Meter Verification Officers
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quality water meters
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Water resources - managed better

Our approved products and cutting-edge conservation solutions help by better managing water resources through accurate metering, monitoring, and management tools.

Lloyd Van der MerweManaging Director - Precision Meters

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State-of-the-art SANAS Accredited Laboratory

Operated by our technical staff who are certified as Verification Officers and who have a combined experience of over 100 years in the water meter industry.

  • South African Owned.
  • Based in Cape Town.
  • All products comply with the SABS standards for water meters and are Type Approved by the NRCS before being sold.
  • All water meters leaving our factory are verified to 100m and tested up to 150mm.
  • Full Range of water meters and accessories.
  • Comply fully with the requirements of SANS 1529 -1 2019 and legal metrology Act 2014.
  • NCRS Type Approved Certificates are obtained before any of our water meters are sold.
  • We guarantee to provide you with a detailed quote within 48 hours and offer you the shortest lead of 4 weeks for delivery.
  • We take pride in being the largest stockist of water meters in South Africa.
  • SANAS Accredited Verification All Meters leave our factory tested and verified (regardless of standard requirements). Our Lab is covered by generators and inverters, so load-shedding will not impact our delivery times.

Certified is what we are

All our products are 100% NRCS type approved. We currently hold a BBBEE Certificate (level 4) and we have a short term plan to improve to a Level 2.

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NRCS Certificate of Designation

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BEE Certificate

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SANAS Certificate of Accreditation

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Tax Clearance

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Meet the Team

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Lloyd Van Der Merwe

Managing Director

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Bertie Brits

Technical Director

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Craig Swanepoel

Operations Manager

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Limeez Kalam

Financial Manager

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Mark Capper

Product and Training Manager

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Sonja Smith

Branch/Key Accounts Manager

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Biki Ndlovu

Sales Manager JHB

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Sakhile Dube

Sales Manager KZN

Committed to developing communities

In everything we do, we seek to empower our communities with opportunities for growth and sustainability.