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Are you dealing with leaking issue, after leaking issue, after leaking issue? 

Well, maybe all you need to do is update your water system! Now hold on, we’re not saying break your bank by installing new pipes and redoing your taps. But you can, however, make some changes by using  SABS Approved Ball Valve that will guarantee longevity and reliability, which will not only improve your water system and stop leaks but will also save you money and make a small, but positive impact on this beautiful floating rock called Earth.

Save more

Materials that you use in your plumbing systems are what could make or break you in the long term, therefore ensuring that you have quality materials when you are working on projects can ensure that in a few years or even months down the line you are not regretting having not installed that SABS approved Ball Valve, to make stopping the water from reaching the leaking tap easier. See the SABS Approved Ball Valve you should install to help you and save yourself another trip to Builders.


Sleep Peacefully 

Once you know you have installed the correct water accessories and used the right materials you can rest assured knowing that you will not have to wake up in the middle of the night to your wife screaming, because of a large spray of water that just happened to appear after you “fixed” the leaking tap, which could easily be switched off with the use of our SABS Approves Ball Valve

The above scenario is just one reason why you should consider installing our SABS Approved Ball Valve. Spare yourself from future headaches and unnecessary spending by ensuring you are making use of quality and reliable materials that will allow you to sleep peacefully at night.