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It’s no secret that South Africa is constantly dealing with water scarcity issues that seem as though they won’t be fixed in the immediate future. This is why we cannot only rely on the government to make responsible water consumption decisions. We as citizens and residents of this country have a moral responsibility to consume responsibly as well.

As you know bad habits die hard, which may result in making responsible consumption decisions difficult at the beginning but can very quickly become standard daily practice that will not only make an impact on our water resource but also your monthly water bill. In this blog post, we will discuss practical tips and habits that can help keep your water use low in South Africa.

Goodbye to Leaking faucets

You may think that a leak under the bathroom sink isn’t making a difference but over an accumulated amount of time, you could be wasting hundreds of Rands per month on a leak that needs to be fixed once. Save hundreds just by taking a look at your pipes

Install water-efficient water fixtures

Minimize your water fixtures with water-efficient fixtures. Install low-flow showerheads, faucets aerators, and dual-flush toilets. Swapping out your fixtures doesn’t mean you are compromising on quality. These fixtures are designed to perform as usual but use water more efficiently.


Shorten Shower Time:
Taking shorter showers is an effective way to save water. Aim to keep your showers under five minutes. Consider using a shower timer or playing your favorite song to keep track of time and make it a fun challenge for the family.

Hands In Water

Mindful Outdoor Water Use
Tasks such as watering your garden and cleaning your patio are areas where you can reduce your outdoor water use. Watering your garden in the late afternoon hours of the day when the sun

Take It One Step Further
Reuse greywater from household activities like dishwashing or laundry. Install a greywater system that diverts water to your garden or lawn. Ensure that the detergents and cleaning products you use are safe for plants and soil. This may seem like a big expense now but could end up saving you thousands in the future

Responsible Dishwashing and Laundry Practice:
Wait until you have a full load before running your dishwasher or washing machine. Adjust the water level according to the load size, and use eco-friendly detergents.

Involve The Family:
You alone cannot make a house more water responsible if everyone else in the household is using water with no regard to the scarcity issue we face. Teach kids and other members to adopt a more sustainable mindset when it comes to water conservation.
Taking steps towards being mindful about your water consumption is not only going to benefit your community and generations to come but it will also benefit you and your pocket and give you more room in your budget to spend on a cheeky date night or a trip to a safari. At Precision Meters, we have quality water meters to help you keep track of your water consumption and keep your water spending low. See our water meter services here.