STS Prepaid Meter with CIU – Multi Jet DN 15mm – 20mm


• SP series is an STS (Standard Transfer Specification) compliant, electronic valve controlled, water meter.

• With the SP series you are assured of continuously good metrology and revenue protection at the same time.

• A handy remote keypad Customer Interface Unit (CIU), is offered to enter recharge tokens and information short codes.

• The CIU is installed within the customer’s premises.

• The water meter is housed away in locked-up boxes or premises.

• The communication between CIU and the meter can be NB – loT or RF – LoRa on request.

• The meter is available with AMR data transmission features.


Technical Specifications – Domestic Prepaid Customer Water Meter.

• Water meter is Multijet type with LCD (Liquid Crystal Display)

• Has approved SA Number and test report for every meter

• Brass / plastic meter body on request

• Meter is not separate from electronic module

• Has manufacturers name on it

• Built in strainer and non-return valve

• Magnetic drive mechanism with anti magnetic protection

• External regulating device

• Nominal 1.5 m3/h @ 0.5 bar

• Minimum operating pressure = 0.3 bar 

• Maximum operating pressure = 14 bar

• Max 3.0 m3/h @ 3 bar

• Easily accessible Inlet filter

• Battery life span minimum of 10 years

• Over 10 years’ data storage in absence of power

• Robust tag reader

• Credit is added to the meter by numeric token or Tag

• Pre-programmable low credit warning

• Tariff steps are determined on the meter in real-time

• Meter resets cost structure at the start of each month or day

• Lifeline options

• Possible leak warning

The prepaid meter remote control provides the following customer information:

• Code value 

• Debit Value if any 

• Valve Status 

• Battery Status 

• Meter Reading 

• Communication Status 

• Credits Status 

• Prepaid function on/off

• Prepaid and post-paid hybrid

• Meter box injection moulded UV resistant PVC materials

• Prepaid meter to withstand from S·C to SS·C

• Meter registers in cubic meters (m3) with decimal display

• Prepaid meter has automatic reading facilities

• Contains no external reed switch to avoid tampering

Prepaid Meter Remote Control (Customer Interface Unit).

• Open vending platform.

• Multiple vending points, e.g. retailers, banks, petrol stations, etc.

• 24 Hour vending availability.

• Unrestricted prepaid meter installation location due to vending point constraints

• Daily, weekly, monthly meter readings.

• Automatic credit transfers from vending point to CIU.

• Meter information inside the comfort of the user’s home.

• 2.4” Screen with Large font & easy to use interface

• 12 Key button pad

• Battery powered

• Battery life: up to 10 years (User Replaceable option available)

• Easy mounting on any surface

• Wireless communication to meter: Up to 50m range

• Reading through LoRa, NB-loT and GPRS/3G

• Remote meter information and credit update

• Standard Transfer Specification (STS) compliant

• Weight: 140g


• Wet dial and Rotary piston mechanism (Optional)

• Free Basic water allocation daily or monthly (Optional)

• Meter can go into debt (Optional)

• Above Ground Box (ABG) or Ground Level Box (GLB)


• Water temperature: ≤50°C for cold water meter

• Water pressure: ≤1.6MPa (16bars)


• Customer pays for water meter units and receives a Token

• Code on the Token is entered into Customer Input Unit (CIU)

• CIU transmits number of units bought to the water meter

• Water meter releases water equal to the units bought

• STS System is approved by STS Association

• Able to convert Token Data into water meter if customers have their own STS Association approved Token Data Card

• CIU can be used for long distance by Radio Frequency

Note: Special code required from the supplier/manufacturer to activate the on/off prepaid function.

Specification Sheet:   PM DN15:20 Class C STS Multi Jet PP Meter v4

STS Prepaid Meter with CIU – Multi Jet DN 15mm – 20mm

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