The new Infinity ECO Class B Woltmann WP meter.

The Infinity Meter Eco Woltmann Meter provides the ideal solution for seamless, accurate, and dependable zone metering, area and district monitoring. This solution provides exceptionally accurate volume measurement for cold potable water passing through a pipeline and offers dependability, economic performance, and high-pressure capability.

With operating pressures of up to 16 bar (1600kPa) and operational temperatures of up to 50°C, the Infinity Meter Eco is ideal where economy counts, while sacrificing nothing from dependability.


The Infinity Eco Meter has a pulse output as standard and is supplied complete with a reed switch. This means that no additional reed switches are required.

The Table 16 flanged meter body is manufactured from epoxy coated Cast Iron, ensuring robustness in harsh operating conditions.

The calibrated measuring mechanism is manufactured from hard-wearing engineering plastic materials. It is fully shrouded and can be replaced in the field without removing the meter body from the line.

The Infinity Eco Meter is designed for horizontal application and straight pipe lengths are required to ensure accuracy. Which makes this solution an ideal Blass B Woltmann meter that is suitable for area and zone monitoring with a proven track record in the field.

  • 40mm to 100mm comply with SANS1529 -1: 2019 (Class B)
  • 150mm to 600mm comply with ISO4064 (Class B)