Committed to developing communities

In everything we do, we seek to empower our communities with opportunities for growth and sustainability.

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Committed to operations which enhance our communities and environment

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Our commitment to improving the environment & economy

A good corporate citizen

Being a good corporate citizen, we as Precision Meters play our part by ensuring that our country, community, and environment is enhanced through our engagement.

Our Staff are provided with a safe working environment in which equal opportunity exists for all. We promote personal growth and education.

Precision Meters supports the governments call to re-address the in-justices of the past in South Africa. We currently hold a level 4 BBBEE Certificate, and there is a short-term plan in place to improve this to Level 2.

We subscribe to the highest moral and ethical values. All of our staff are required to sign and adopt our Anti-Corruption and Good Ethical Principles Statement before they can represent us.

Whilst our products already exceed the minimum required targets for Local Content as issued by the DTI, we are constantly investing in projects to increase the Local Content in our products. This is to promote business within South Africa and drive our local economy.


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