Precision Meters: Water, water, every where…

‘Water, water, every where, And all the boards did shrink;
Water, water, every where, Nor any drop to drink.’

Much has been written about why, how or of what Samuel Taylor Coleridge was thinking about when he penned ‘The Rime of the Ancient Mariner’ in 1797 and published it in 1798′.

It is fairly certain though that he was not concerned with the shortage of ‘drinking’ water facing the world’s population a scant 214 years later.

Scant? Well in terms of the age of humankind, 214 years is but a mere blink! What of the next 214 years or half or quarter of that? There is no doubt that will we look back and much will be written about just how wasteful, how polluting, how careless we all were in our daily use of this gift of life?

Give a thought about how much you enjoy drinking that tall, cool glass of iced water on a hot summers day, that cup of steaming coffee or tea, a refreshing shower or splash in the face, watering the garden, washing the dishes, clothing, the dog, the windows, cooking, swimming in the pool – the list is endless.

Have you ever really stopped to think about just what is involved in getting water to flow, at the twist of the wrist, from the tap?

Unfortunately, the busy lifestyle that we all lead hardly lends itself to such thoughts which only come into focus when the monthly usage bill arrives from the water supply service provider.

The question then is about the accuracy of the amount metered and charged for – surely it can’t be right! – is a fairly typical reaction just after the height of summer.

Gone are the thoughts of topping up the pool to replace evaporation, sprinklers popping up at all hours to ensure that lovely green lawn and the wonderful display of non indigenous blooming flowers and, because of the heat, washing batches and batches of dirty, sweaty clothing…

And so it is down to the water meter – certified precision meters for the water supply service provider that has to recover all the costs incurred to ‘deliver’ water at the twist of the wrist and just as important, the same certainty of precision that the user has not been unfairly over charged.

Any discrepancy in this seemingly innocuous process and there will be serious consequences over the short term – complaints by the user that will result in expensive service calls to inspect and calibrate the water meter so as to ensure its accuracy for the billing function not to be contested.

Of even greater import for the water supply service provider, for the long term, are inaccurate water meters that have collectively recorded water consumption volumes that cannot be reconciled against the amount of water measured by a bulk water meter that has measured the overall amount supplied there.

Precision Meters Ltd., are in the water flow meter business. They offer a comprehensive range of quality calibrated water meter models and mobile data capture units that meet stringent industry standard specifications and are capable of accurately measuring and recording across all possible water metering requirements –

Precision Meters: Water, water, every where…

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