SP Series STS Prepaid Brass or Plastic Multi Jet Class C Dry Dial DN15mm or 20mm Meter with CIU (Export Only)

SP Series STS Prepaid Brass or Plastic Multi Jet Class C Dry Dial DN15mm or 20mm Meter with CIU (Export Only)


Specification Sheet:   PM STS Multi Jet PP Meter Export Only v3

SP series is an STS (Standard Transfer Specification) compliant, electronic valve controlled, water meter.

With the SP series you are assured of continuously good metrology and revenue protection at the same time.

A handy remote keypad Customer Interface Unit (CIU), is used to enter recharge tokens and information short codes. The CIU is installed within the customer’s premises. The water meter is housed separately in a locked-up box or premises. Communication between CIU and the STS meter via LoRa, NB-loT or GPRS/3G on request. The meter is available with AMR data transmission features.


Technical Specifications for Domestic Prepaid Customer Water Meter.

• Water meter is Multijet type Class C Dry Dial.

• Has approved SA Number and test report for every meter.

• Brass/plastic meter body on request.

• Meter is not separate from electronic module.

• Has manufacturers name on it.

• Built in strainer and non-return valve.

• Magnetic drive mechanism with anti magnetic protection.

• External regulating device.

• Nominal 1.5 m3/h @ 0.5 bar.

• Minimum operating pressure = 0.3 bar. 

• Maximum operating pressure = 14 bar.

• Max 3.0 m3/h @ 3 bar.

• Easily accessible Inlet filter.

• Battery life span minimum of 10 years.

• Over 10 years’ data storage in absence of power.

• Robust tag reader.

• Credit is added to the meter by numeric Token or Tag.

• Pre-programmable low credit warning.

• Tariff steps are determined on the meter in real-time.

• Meter resets cost structure at the start of each month or day.

• Lifeline options.

• Possible leak warning.

The prepaid meter remote control provides the following customer information:

• Code value. 

• Debit Value if any. 

• Valve Status. 

• Battery Status. 

• Meter Reading. 

• Communication Status. 

• Credits Status. 

• Prepaid function on/off.

• Prepaid and post-paid hybrid.

• Meter box of injection moulded UV resistant PVC materials.

• Prepaid meter to withstand from S·C to SS·C.

• Meter registers in cubic meters (m3) with decimal display.

• Prepaid meter has automatic reading facilities.

• Contains no external reed switch to avoid tampering.

Prepaid Meter Remote Control Interface Unit (CIU):

• Open vending platform.

• Multiple vending points, e.g. retailers, banks, fuel stations, etc.

• 24 Hour vending availability.

• Unrestricted install locations due to vending point constraints.

• Daily, weekly, monthly meter readings.

• Automatic credit transfers from vending point to CIU.

• Meter information in the comfort of the user’s home.

• 2.4” Screen with large font & easy to use interface.

• 12 Key button pad.

• Battery powered.

• Battery life: up to 10 years (User Replaceable option available)

• Easy mounting on any surface.

• Wireless communication to meter: Up to 50m range.

• Reading options via LoRa, NB-loT or GPRS/3G.

• Remote meter information and credit update.

• Standard Transfer Specification (STS) compliant.

• Weight: 140g.


• Wet dial and Rotary piston mechanism.

• Free Basic water allocation daily or monthly.

• Meter can go into debt.

• Above Ground Box (ABG) or Ground Level Box (GLB).


• Water temperature: ≤50°C for cold water meter.

• Water pressure: ≤1.6MPa (16 bar).


• Customer pays for water meter units and receives a Token.

• Code on the Token is entered into Customer Input Unit (CIU).

• CIU transmits number of units bought to the water meter.

• Water meter releases water equal to the units bought.

• STS System is approved by STS Association.

• Able to convert Token Data to water meter if customer has their own STS Association approved Token Data Card.

• CIU can be used for long distance by Radio Frequency (RF).

Note: Special code required from the supplier/manufacturer to activate the on/off prepaid function.


• In the lower zone from Q1 inclusive up to but excluding Q2 is ±5%.

•In the upper zone from Q2 inclusive up to and including Q4 is ±2%.


The pre paid water meter vending system installed by Precision Metes (pty) Ltd., on the water supplier’s server includes:

Login details, 20 digit code generation via user account to change CIU status. Integration to existing, if required, vending system, database and debt management effected via Application Programming Interface (API) software. Customised Report generation, to water supplier’s requirements, is available to encompass Vending, Credit and Tampering.

SP Series STS Prepaid Brass or Plastic Multi Jet Class C Dry Dial DN15mm or 20mm Meter with CIU (Export Only)

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