GTI 5.0 Series Data Logger 3G/4G/GPRS/GSM (SMS)

GTI 5.0 Series Data Logger 3G/4G/GPRS/GSM (SMS)

Specification Sheet:   GTI-5-Series-Data-Logger

• District Metred Areas (DMA) / zone monitoring.

• Pressure monitoring.

• AMR/DMA Smart water resource management.

• Real-time data (flow & pressure) reception.


• All parameters (transmission and logging frequency) set up by IrDA.

• All parameters (logging and transmission) can be changed remotely via GPRS.

• Alarms for flow and pressure with separately defined high / low profile.

• Built in memory module.

• Robust to IP 68 waterproof.

• Support UDP/IP more data transmission and money saving.

• 1 Interval for data logging.

• 3 Intervals for transmission.

• 2 Pulse channel built-in pressure gauge.

• Compact size and light weight.

• Tamper proof.


• Tamper-proof symbol.

• Bi-Directional flow indicator.

• Moving indicator.

• Battery alarm.

• Management functions.


• Parameter Setting Software.

• Data Receiving Software (Customizable).

GTI 5.0 Series Data Logger 3G/4G/GPRS/GSM (SMS)

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