Electronic Meters HGD Series 15mm – 2600mm

Specification Sheet:   Electronic Meters HGD SERIES 15mm-2600mm

• Electromagnetic Flow Meters are instruments utilising Faraday’s law of electromagnetic induction, to measure the rate of flow of a conductive fluid in a pipeline.

• Used in industries such as chemical, environmental protection, metallurgy, pharmaceutical, paper manufacturing, water supply etc.

• In addition to measuring the flow of non-corrosive conductive liquids, they are able to measure the flow of liquid-solid, high-viscosity, salty, acidic and alkaline fluids.

• DMA (District Metered Areas).


• No moving parts resulting in long operating life.

• No mechanical interaction resulting in no pressure loss or fluid clogging and rapid flow response.

• Measuring accuracy is not influenced by temperature, viscosity, density and pressure.

• Teflon or rubber liners available to cope with various corrosive fluids.

• Available with HC, HB, 316L or Ti, signal transducers to cope with various corrosive fluid types.

• EEPROM memory used to capture operational data.

• LCD backlit display for clear visibility.

• Available with modem capability.

• 220v AC, 24v DC or battery operating voltage available.

• Consisting of a sensor and smart signal transducer, they are classified into two types: Integral or Remote.

• The Integral type has the transducers and sensor assembled as a single unit and is used where accessibility is favourable.

• The Remote type has the transducer connected by extension cable to the recorder that is placed remotely in a favourable location.

• Various communication outputs available.

• Each meter has a unique serial number.


• The data sheet information is to be used for reference purposes only.

• To determine a suitable Electromagnetic Flow Meter, for the measurement of fluids classified outside of being non-corrosive, will require careful choice of lining and transducer, even including the possibility of operating for an experimental period.

• Meter must be calibrated on a full pipeline for approximately 48hrs.

Electronic Meters HGD Series 15mm – 2600mm

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