Above Ground Water Meter Box (AGB) with 15mm or 20mm meter

Specification Sheet:   Above Ground Water Meter Box 22

• For above ground installation of domestic water meters. 


• Elevated above ground water meter box allows for easy access for meter reading, maintenance and AMR. 

• No sand / debris will cover the meter due to elevated box. 

• Corrosion resistant, UV Stabilised Lid. 

• Tamper proof, patented design locking device accessible by non-standardised key. 

• Secondary locking device for Municipal restrictor valve. 

• SABS approved external consumer shut off valve. 

• Fusion welded assembly with female compression fittings. 

• Robust box design. 

• Theft deterrent as no scrap value for meter or box. 

• Meter box 100 % locally manufactured. 

• Inlet and Outlet threads compatible with ISO metric sizes. 


• Can accommodated all types of meters (15mm & 20mm). 

• Customized branding on lids. 

• Tamper proof Municipal 3-way restrictor valve (open / close / restrict), not accessible by consumer.  

• Inline restrictor valve. 

• Inline strainer. 

• Municipal restrictor valve with variable restriction discs available (Pressure dependant). 


• Confirm flow direction. 

• Pipeline must be flushed before installation. 

• Meters should be constantly full of water during operation. 


• No Hemp to be used.

Specification Sheet:

Above Ground Water Meter Box (AGB) with 15mm or 20mm meter

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